Australian Universities

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List of Australian Universities

Detailed, full lists of all Australia's universities.There are many different ways to list Australia's 41 universities. The most common are alphabetical, by state and by size (student numbers).

You can see all these plus more - such as lists by tuition fees and student happiness - in the mega list of Australian universities.

Australian University Rankings

Rankings of Australian universities.There are several companies that rank Australian universities as part of world university rankings. We've listed those rankings for anyone interested - see QS, Times, ARWU and Web Rankings.

But if you actually want to know the best universities for students, see the Australian university rankings. These rankings are adjusted for important things such as course ratings and graduate salaries.

Australian University Cities

University student cities in Australia.Australia has 20 cities that are home to at least one university. Five of the university cities have a population exceeding a million people. Several are small cities that serve as regional education centres. Most university cities are on the coast.

Short profiles of Australian university cities give a flavour of the city choices available for students who study in Australia.

Universities for International Students

Australian universities for international students.International students are welcome to study at any Australian university. Most universities have more than 5,000 international students on campus in any given year.

The list of universities for international students shows which universities are in demand. You can see each university's ranking, tuition fees and number of international students.

University Courses

University courses and course search in Australia.Almost every Australian university offers a broad range of courses - at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are a few smaller universities that have limited course choices, especially for postgraduate students. But, apart from that, each university covers most or all of the popular study areas.

The best way to search for courses is to go the university websites or If you want to study online, check out the list of the biggest distance education providers.

Australian University Course Entry Requirements

Admissions process and criteria for gaining entry into Australian universities.The criteria for being admitted to university are similar for most Australian universities. Being accepted depends on grades and qualifications.

Universities set  ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) cut-off scores for Australian undergraduate students. For international students, there are country-by-country academic scores plus English language requirements.

To find out how hard it is to be accepted, see the list of universities with ATAR scores.