About Us

AU Australian Universities is a guide to university study in Australia. Facts, statistics and analysis are presented in comparative lists.

AU is a guide to Australian universities. It gives quick access to useful information about studying in Australia. AU content includes rankings and detailed lists for comparing universities.

Straight Up Facts and Figures

The point of AU is to provide useful, factual information in a simple way. We believe there should be a lot more straight-up information available to university students.

People shouldn't have to rely on dodgy world rankings and university-provided info to make study decisions. There should be more independently-produced facts, statistics and analysis.

Empowering Students

Student Empowerment.AU is a product of the Student Empowerment (SE) company. SE was founded for the purpose of giving students a better deal.

SE works hard to give students access to critical knowledge for making good education and career decisions - not exactly a small thing. We appreciate that study choices go a long way to determining what a person does and, ultimately, how his or her life unfolds.